NEW - O%riginal white wine - Alcohol free wine Setúbal - 100% Moscatel

NEW - O%riginal white wine - Alcohol free wine Setúbal - 100% Moscatel

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Winemaking Process: José Maria da Fonseca pioneered the creation of the first Portuguese alcohol-free wines, including the brand O%riginal. This wine, made from 100% Moscatel de Setúbal grapes, undergoes fermentation at low temperatures. Through a gentle physical process called spinning cone, the alcohol is carefully removed while preserving the wine's delicate aromas and flavours. The resulting O%riginal wine is an authentic, non-alcoholic experience that captures the essence of a real wine.
The O%riginal alcohol-free wine from José Maria da Fonseca offers a refreshing and delightful taste. Its lime green color is visually appealing, while the aroma showcases a blend of citrus and floral notes. On the palate, this wine is smooth and fruity with hints of orange blossom, leaving a crisp and fresh finish. The O%riginal wine provides a sensory experience that is both satisfying and invigorating.
For the best enjoyment, serve the O%riginal alcohol-free wine chilled at 5°C. This wine pairs exceptionally well with fish and seafood dishes, enhancing their flavours. The smooth and fruity profile, along with the citrus and floral notes, complements the delicate nature of these culinary delights. Whether it's grilled fish or a seafood platter. 


TYPE - White wine

REGION - Setúbal Peninsula 

COUNTRY - Portugal