Where Our Wines Come From

Alentejo, the largest and most soulful region of Portugal is undoubtedly one of the best destinations in Europe for wine tourism.

The wines - rich, voluptuous reds and elegantly balanced whites from local grape varietals - are getting better and better as attested over the years by endless global wine awards.

The winemakers have joined tradition, terroir and centuries of know-how with cutting-edge technology, turning the wineries in top touristic destinations and the wines themselves into masterpieces!

Vinify sources the wine directly and exclusively from handpicked winemakers to obtain the best quality and to reduce the end price to our customers. 
The team at Vinify, get detailed information from the Winemakers, who are all independent and Family own business, who share with us their passion, decades of know-how and detailed information on the whole wine making process such as: 

grape selection




wine maturing process

storage requirements

serving suggestions


With all of this involvement it was very easy to choose our trading name "Vinify" which simply means “convert grape juice into wine”.


Where our Winemakers are located

Pias is a small Village in the heart of Alentejo, full of history and tradition that goes back to the Roman times.



Pias belongs to the municipally of Serpa, but in terms of wine, belongs to one of Alentejo’ s warmest wine regions - Moura. The quality of wine of this region is exceptional, producing bold, full body and very smooth vintages full of character and great partners to meat dishes and cheese.



The white wine is fruity, balanced with good minerality and acidity. The white wines and rose wine can be enjoyed on its own but are also great partners to any fish, pasta, poultry or any type of seafood dishes.



The wine from Pias is much appreciated in Portugal and mostly consumed by the Portuguese themselves, well....until now!

As a curiosity, Pias is the home town of one of the founding Partners of Vinify, who personally know the winemakers so plenty of inside info!

 Reguengos de Monsaraz - is the second largest city in the district of Évora (the largest city in the suburban area of Évora), constituting one of the four municipalities that make up the suburban area of Évora, which are Arraiolos, Montemor-o-Novo, Reguengos de Monsaraz and Viana of the Alentejo.



Reguengos de Monsaraz was the European Wine Capital in 2015. The winemakers from this region have access to the humidity and abundance of water provided by the largest artificial lake in Southern Europe – The Alqueva.

The wines from this region are also exceptional. The reds are not as full bodied as the reds produced in the Pias region. They are fruitier with slightly less alcohol content.

This is a region of experiments and uniqueness as for example the Underwater wine produced by one of our winemakers that after barrel maturation it was submerged in the calm water of the Alqueva lake, 30 meters deep, where it rested for a further 8 months, creating a truly unique wine! 



When it comes to the white wines, what can I say, they are simply outstanding!
Alentejo, is often linked to red wines which are bold and fully bodied. Well, let’s change the paradigm - the White wines and also Rose wines have been gaining awards after awards in global wine contests.
In fact, in 2017 the best white wine in the world was from Alentejo and as you can imagine we simply had to have it on our wine selection!



Stay safe and positive and remember the beautiful world that we have full of amazing produce and locations, which I am hoping that, very soon to be able to get out there and live it again!


 “Drink quality, Drink responsibly, Drink Vinify.”


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