The Wine Glass

The wine glass is made up of three parts: the foot, the stem and the bowl.
There is scientific evidence which supports the importance of a wine glass when drinking specific wine. For example, full-bodied red wine benefits from a large Bordeaux glass as it improves the aromas being further from the nose, the larger surface area benefits the evaporation of ethanol, and the makes the wine taste smoother.
Wine glasses are ordinarily made from either glass or crystal, with each providing their unique characteristic.
Crystal is stronger than glass due to the added minerals of lead, magnesium and zinc, meaning it can be manufactured thinner than glass for the same equivalent strength. Crystal is however porous so should be hand-washed rather than placed in a dishwasher. Crystal can be more delicate and therefore, easier to break.
Glass is typically made thicker and will have a lip around the rim for durability. Glass is generally cheaper to purchase than the crystal equivalent, and is dishwasher safe due to it being non-porous.
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